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The “Cure for Hollow Tile Since 1996”

The quick and easy solution for loose and hollow ceramic/stone tile floors that have lost their bond to a concrete or plywood substrate.



  • The Uni-Bond Injection System is designed to re-adhere ceramic/stone tiles and pavers which have lost bond with the existing substrate.
  • Eliminates the time-consuming cleanup costs incurred by the conventional way of repairing. There’s no dust, no odor and no disruption of re-tiling your floor: the floor is ready in virtually no time.
  • Eliminates tile die-lot matching problems as you do not have to tear out the existing tile.
  • The unique elastomeric qualities allow for limited deflection (a common cause for loss of bond on concrete and plywood substrates) thus, eliminating a possible recurrence of the same problem.
  • Uni-Bond is a non-toxic and odor-free single component adhesive, that in it’s uncured state, cleans up with water.
  • Fits in a standard caulking gun.
  • Uni-Bond can be used under a variety of flooring materials such as ceramic/stone tiles, pavers, and most laminated floors.
  • Available in single 10.5 oz. tube or boxes of 12.
  • Easy to use instructions, available here.

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How much Uni-Bond do I need?

4 – 6 square feet per cartridge

Note: Actual job-site coverage may vary + or – due to the percentage of tile with actual loss of bond.

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