Ardex Grout Stain Kit

grout stain and sealer kit with brush and sponge

Ardex Grout Stain Kit

Ardex Grout Stain Kit


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Ardex R1-R35

Just 1 Easy Step to Renew and Seal Grout Joints

Jamico4u offers the Spectrum Grout Stain as a low cost way to give counters and floors a new look without replacing the grout. With its easy to use urethane acrylic formula, a long lasting stain is attained to rejuvenate and seal sanded and nonsanded grout joints.



  • Designed to change or renew the color of grout.
  • Provides a “natural/uniform” color that is highly resistant to wear, sunlight, water and extreme temperatures.
  • Seals and protects grout from stains and moisture.
  • Our unique urethane acrylic formula provides a superior stain resistant feature and is the best choice in the industry.
  • Extremely durable, with expected wear of up to 15 years.
  • Water based, applies and cleans easily.
  • Environmentally friendly with extremely low VOCs.
  • Available in most grout manufacturers’ colors with no minimum quantity required.
  • For Interior or Exterior use.
  • Available in kit form, includes 8 oz. bottle, brush and sponge along with easy to use instructions.

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1 Polar White
2 Fresh Lily
3 Sugar Cookie
4 Antique Ivory
5 Winter White
6 Classic Vanilla
7 Floating Driftwood
8 Vintage Linen
9 Natural Almond
10 Irish Créme
11 Barley
12 Wild Mushroom
13 Stone Beach
14 Chocolate Mousse
15 Gray Dusk
16 Ground Cocoa
17 Coffee Bean
18 Dove Gray
19 Silver Shimmer
20 Ocean Gray
21 Slate Gray
22 Cast Iron
23 Charcoal Dust
24 Black Licorice
25 Stormy Mist
26 Organic Earth
27 Azure Blue
28 Gentle Blush
29 Fresh Magnolia
30 Pink Champagne
31 Burnt Orange
32 Baked Terra Cotta
33 Asparagus
34 Summer Yellow
35 Brilliant White

How much Grout Stain do I need?

Tile SizeGrout Joint WidthCoverage Square Feet
1” X 1” 3/16”50 ft²
2” X 2”3/16”75 ft²
3” X 3” 3/16”85 ft²
4" X 4"3/16”95 ft²
4" X 4"1/4"80ft²
4" X 12"3/16”120ft²
4" X 12"1/4"100ft²
6" X 6""3/16”110ft²
6" X 6"1/4"95ft²
10" X 10"3/16”135ft²
10" X 10"1/4"115ft²
12" X 12"3/16”145ft²
12" X 12"1/4"125ft²
12" X 24"3/16”205ft²
12" X 24"1/4"185ft²
18" X 18"3/16”175ft²
18" X 18"1/4"155ft²
20" X 20"3/16”185ft²
20" X 20"1/4"165ft²
24" X 24"3/16”205ft²
24" X 24"1/4"185ft²

Note: Coverage’s shown are given for estimating purposes only. Actual job-site coverage’s may vary depending on the joint size and application procedures.

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