Spectrum Uni-Bond

Spectrum Uni-Bond Frequently Asked Questions

What does Unibond do?

Unibond is a simple and unique injection system that will make your “hollow sounding” floors look and sound like new again.

Is unibond simple to use

Yes, by following the simple to use instructions on our website you are able to inject Unibond under the tile for a quick and clean repair. (Click here for step by step instructions)

What are some of the benefits of Spectrum’s Unibond?

Initial cure in 24 hours, simply cleans up with sponge and water and bonds to almost any substrate.

What type of flooring can Unibond be used on?

Unibond can be used on virtually any flooring material: ceramic/stone tiles, brick pavers, cement tiles, wood floors, plank parquet and laminate floors.

How long does it generally take to complete a Unibond installation?

With Unibonds ease of use, most projects are completed in one day.

How long will Unibond last?

If applied correctly, Unibond will typically last 10 to 15 years.

Is Unibond safe to use?

Yes, Unibond is a water based adhesive, so it is non-toxic, non-flammable and eco friendly!

Is Unibond strictly for small repairs?

No, Unibond is designed for all size areas with a loss of bond issue. Whether the entire floor or just a few tiles Unibond is the “Cure” for hollow tiles.

How do I know that Unibond has been correctly applied?

Before injecting Unibond you can determine what part of the tile or flooring material has lost bond by the hollow sound coming through. Once you have injected Unibond the hollow sound will disappear, indicating proper coverage for correct adhesion.

Why should I have so many holes drilled per tile?

The other holes drilled are to help the installer find a “vein” that allows flow under the tile. Usually these holes will overflow with Unibond as you inject, this is a good indication you are getting a good flow. If you get Unibond coming back out of the hole you are injecting, adjust to another hole and continue to inject as you search for the vein that will allow a flow to occur.

Some of my grout around my tile is crumbling or completely gone, how do I proceed?

For a clean look it is always suggested that any cracked, crumbling or missing grout be replaced for a correct installation. Simply cut out the crumbling grout and replace with the correct color grout, after it has cured for 14 days proceed with Unibonds instructions.

Do I need to apply weight on the area of the installation after I have completed the injection of Unibond?

We recommend you place some kind of weight on the area to aid in the curing process. Typically the use of 5 gallon buckets filled with water and left for 24 hours will suffice.

Can I use Unibond with a newly installed floor?

Yes, as long as the initial installation has cured 30 days before the use of Unibond.

Can I use Unibond outside on my patio or deck?

Yes, Unibond works extremely well in interior or exterior applications.

Can I use Unibond in a shower or pool?

No, Unibond is not recommended in areas that are exposed to constant water.

Can I use Unibond with a heated floor system?

Yes, Unibond works extremely well with heated floor element systems. Just keep the “drill hole” depth consistent with the width of the tile or flooring material and turn the heated floor system off during the installation and up to 7 days after applying.

Can I use Unibond on wood floors that creak or move under pressure?

Yes, Unibond adheres extremely well to wood flooring, wood substrates and Laminate flooring.

Is Unibond water clean-up?

Yes, water or water combined with a neutral based detergent works well to clean any overflow of material or tools used in the process.

What is the recommended application temperature for Unibond?

For best results, apply Unibond when temperatures are above 40°F and rising, but not above 95°F.

How long does it take for Unibond to dry?

Unibond is ready for light surface traffic in 24 hours, heavy traffic in 7 days and a full cure in 14 days.

Where can I find additional information regarding Unibond?

Unibond product information sheets and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available on our website at www.specmfgcorp.com.