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Fusion 10 features

  • An exterior grade caulk that matches the color and texture of grouts.
  • Cleans up with sponge and water for a clean / uniform joint.
  • Available in major grout manufacturer's colors.
  • 2 textures - sanded and smooth.
  • Excellent for expansion joints.
  • Mildew resistant.
  • Fusion 10 MSDS
  • Fusion 10 Product Info Sheet

  • Spectrum Caulk cannot be allowed to "freeze" ­ please consider this when shipping to areas of snow or frigid conditions.

    Fusion 10

    Mapei ® Colors (M04-M44)
    Jamico Price: $10.00 per 10.5 oz Tube

    9 colors... Click To Choose

    Custom Building Products ® Colors (C9-C386)
    Jamico Price: $10.00 per 10.5 oz Tube

    19 colors... Click To Choose

    C-Cure ® Colors (CC2-CC259)
    Jamico Price: $10.00 per 10.5 oz Tube

    27 colors... Click To Choose

    Before you begin, we want to be sure you are choosing the correct product for your job and surface. Please read the information below and click on a topic for more information.

    Spectrum Caulk is a professional grade, single component caulk designed to match the color and texture (sanded and non-sanded) of the different grout manufacturers' colors available today.

    Spectrum Grout Stain is a low-cost solution to give grout a new look by changing the color of the grout and give that old tiled surface a fresh new appearance without replacing or re-grouting the tile's joints.

    WHAT IS Uni-Bond?
    Unibond is the quick and easy injectable solution to loose and hollow ceramic / stone tile floors that have lost bond to concrete or plywood substrates.

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